Welcome, Direct English Live learners! We wanted to create an immersive community space where you feel supported and engaged in your language learning journey. In order to encourage a range of different learning styles we have visual content, written content and auditory content to improve your confidence and to bring our classrooms to life.

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We do host online events with our teachers to give students the opportunity to meet them and ask them any questions. Contact us today if you want to join our next Free MEET THE TEACHER event!

Stay motivated and on track with your progress during your English language learning journey through our blog post series on all things career, vocabulary and general tips and tricks for gaining wider confidence outside of the virtual classroom.

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Here you can find some tips and a helpful checklist to reflect on the right career or university path by setting clear goals.

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Frequently asked questions

The Direct English method is a program designed by the award-winning author and CEFR-level co-founder, Louis Alexander, in 1997. Direct English is a UK-based company, one of Linguaphone Group's successful brands. Linguaphone Group was founded in 1901! You can find more information here.

Upon enrolment you will be given immediate access to our learning management system where you can explore a wealth of online, interactive learning resources for your own self-study.

Once a week you will have 90minute classes, live and online with one of our native English speaks, who will stay with you for the duration of your course.

Whether you attend one of our 2-month or 6-month courses, at the end of your course you will complete a final assessment test and be issued with a CEFR-aligned certificate from Direct English. Of course, you will also have the opportunity to enroll on the next level course!

We're so confident that you will be happy with our course, that we offer a 14-day cancellation policy. In fact, if you're not fully satisfied with our course, you can request a cancellation within 14 days of your purchase and you'll be fully refunded within 14 days.

On the 15th day following the date of enrolment, you will not be able to cancel. To find out more, please read our T&Cs.

Please note the 1-day free cancellation period is only applicable to our 2-month and 6-month English language courses. It does not apply to our Conversation Club subscripton.

Our placement test will guide you to the right option! Take our quick test now!

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Paypal and all local payments available worldwide. All our payments are encrypted through the third-party world-trusted Shopify platform, therefore no one will access to or be able to see your card details.

Yes, you can, with our blending learning offering you are able to catch up by self-studying on the platform.

We will not charge an additional penalty fee if you miss your class.

However, we find that students achieve the best results by attending all the live interactive classes.

If you decide to embark on the exciting learning journey with us by enrolling on either Beginner 1 or Intermediate 1, you will become CEFR-certified in A1 or A2, depending on the level you choose. The CEFR system has been developed by the Council of Europe, and our Direct English method author, Louis Alexander, was one of the founders of the CEFR system.

The CEFR system was created to validate language learning ability by giving students a firm understanding of English grammar and vocabulary. The CEFR Framework was designed to convey the different levels of oral and written comprehension. Teachers can use this framework to determine what level their students are and if they require any extra help. Direct English Live’s levels are aligned with the CEFR’s framework. Download our SKILL CHART to find out more about how our levels compare with IELTS.

An A1 learner (Beginner 1) will be able to lead a simple conversation about themselves and the world around them, about food and orders, discuss measurement, size and price.

An A2 learner (Intermediate 1) will be able to understand and express their opinions about a particular topic, understand the main points of texts regarding their career, school or social lives. Additionally, they will be able to communicate without sustained effort to native speakers.

For more information, you can download the Level A1 (Beginner 1) document and the Level A2 (Intermediate 1) document.

If you have opted for our 'cancel anytime' Conversation Club subscription, you may cancel via email to customercare@directenglishlive.com and we will cancel your subscription with immediate effect.If you have chosen our standard Conversation Club subscription then you are unable to cancel within the first three months of your membership, but after the minimum term you may cancel by providing 30 days notice, by email to customercare@directenglishlive.com.

Let us know what blogs you’d like to see next time and if you have any questions about Direct English Live.

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