At the end of your level, after attending most of our lessons, you will be given a Direct English certificate. Once a month, the Direct English London team organise online graduation ceremonies to congratulate for students’ achievement, and your class might be in one of these once you’ve achieved your level! At the end of your course, your access to the learning platform will be cancelled and you can decide if you wish to progress to the next level in our course!

Once you pay for your course, you have 14 days to cancel your enrolment, in order to be refunded for your course. You will access our Learning platform from the first day of your purchase, no matter when your first Live lesson starts. If you're not fully satisfied with your course, you can request a cancellation within 14 days of your purchase. Once you reach the 15th day, you will not be able to cancel at any point.

Confused on what English level you are? Why not, take our placement test to assess your level of competency. Our courses are built to work around you and your goals for the future, the test will take you 15 minutes to complete, and you will gain instant feedback at the end of it. There are 9 core levels from beginner to advanced (A1 to C1) which suits these can suit anyone, from a new English language learner to someone with more advanced language skills. Do the placement test HERE

We accept credit and debit card: Visa and Mastercard. We also accept Paypal. All our payments are encrypted.

Yes, you can, with our blending learning offering you are able to catch up through self-studying on the platform. However, if you learn best through interactive live teaching then try not to miss out on any of the classes.

If you decide to embark on a learning journey with us and start either the Beginner or Immediate courses, you will become CEFR certified in A1 or B1. These levels were developed by the Council of Europe to validate language learning ability by giving students a firm understanding of English grammar and vocabulary. The CEFR Framework was designed to convey the different levels of oral, written comprehension of the English language. Teachers can use this framework to determine what level their students are and if they require any extra help. Direct English Live’s levels are aligned with the CEFR’s framework.

Whereas a B1 learner will be able to understand and express their opinions about a particular topic, understand the main points of texts regarding their career, school or social lives. Additionally, they will be able to communicate without sustained effort to Native speakers.

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get confident when speaking english

Whether your goal is to work in a multinational company or study abroad, you may need more than a certificate. You want to feel confident and fluent when speaking English.


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Within 1 hour after you enroll on our course, you will be given access to our interactive learning platform.

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You will also meet online with your teacher once a week. You can find the link to access the first class once you access the platform.

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