English Language Course (Levels 1-8):

Taking an online course administered by native English speakers with levels can provide you with a comprehensive understanding and proficiency in the English language. Here’s what you might expect to learn at each level.


Level 1-2
  • Basic Vocabulary: Learn everyday words and phrases.
  • Grammar Fundamentals: Understand basic sentence structures and tenses.
  • Pronunciation: Focus on correct pronunciation and tone.
  • Listening Skills: Develop the ability to understand simple spoken English.
Level 3-4
  • Expanded Vocabulary: Learn more complex words and phrases.
  • Grammar Intermediate: Study more advanced sentence structures and tenses.
  • Reading Skills: Understand simple texts and passages.
  • Writing Skills: Learn to write short paragraphs and essays.
Level 5-6
  • Advanced Vocabulary: Get a wider range of vocabulary, including native expressions.
  • Advanced Grammar: Master complex sentence structures, verb forms, and articles.
  • Reading Comprehension: Understand and analyze longer texts and articles.
  • Writing Proficiency: Write essays, reports, and creative pieces.
Level 7-8
  • Fluency: Focus on speaking and writing fluently and naturally.
  • Advanced Reading: Analyze and understand complex texts, articles, and literary works.
  • Critical Thinking: Engage in discussions, debates, and analyses of various topics.
  • Professional Writing: Learn formal and professional writing styles for business and academic purposes.

Admission fee:  ৳ 5,000
Monthly Fee:      ৳ 10,000 for 3 months

Fees: BDT 35,000 total for each level valid for 6 months (one-time admission fees of BDT 5,000. applicable and
three further payments of BDT each 10,000 before the start of each month total in BDT 30,000. Level based on
assessment in https://placementtest.directenglishlive.com/landing. Each level consists of 40.5 learning hours 1.5
hours each lesson in
27 classes. Total 10 students per class. Students need to be 14 years or older.

The final outcomes of completing an online English language course with levels 1 to 8 and participating in a
conversation club with native English speakers can be substantial and transformative, leading to a high level of
proficiency and confidence in the English language. Here are the specific outcomes you can expect:

Learning Outcomes of English Language Course (Levels 1-8): 1. Basic Communication Skills (Levels 1-2):
  • Ability to introduce oneself and have simple conversations.
  • Basic understanding of grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation.
2. Intermediate Language Proficiency (Levels 3-4):
  • Enhanced vocabulary and grammar knowledge for more complex conversations.
  • Improved reading and writing skills for everyday tasks.
3. Advanced Language Proficiency (Levels 5-6):
  • Proficiency in expressing opinions, thoughts, and ideas clearly and fluently.
  • Ability to understand and analyze complex texts, articles, and literary works.
  • Advanced writing skills for essays, reports, and creative pieces.
4. Fluency and Advanced Proficiency (Levels 7-8):
  • High level of fluency in speaking and writing, able to handle professional and academic contexts.
  • Proficiency in understanding and using expressions.
  • Advanced critical thinking and analytical skills in English.

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Telephone: +880-1974927646
Email: hello@directenglishbd.com
Website: https://directenglishbd.com/

Qualified English

Flexible and
interactive classess

Varied course and
payment options

How it works

Once a week Live class + 24/7 interactive content on our Learning Platform.
Class Size: 4 to 6 students on average, but this can vary
6-months course – 1 Level achieved.
2-months course – One third of one level is achieved. A student will need to undertake two more short courses to complete a CEFR-Aligned certified course.

Certificate: CEFR-Aligned Direct English Certificate at the end of the course, based on the level you enrolled (Beginner A2 or Intermediate A1).

What happens next:

Following your course purchase you will have access to the learning platform and be able to watch a short Tutorial video that will give an overview of the online learning experience. This session is important to give you context to the extensive resources available on the platform and how to apply the learning methodology.

  • After watching the introductory video available on the Learning Platform, you will be able to start the first unit of self study. You will also be able to access your first live lesson with your native English teacher along with the rest of the group who will also be starting as well.
  • There is a live group lesson every week, according to the set day of the week at the time of the purchase. Eg. 10th November is Wednesday, therefore the lessons will be every Wednesday, same time, for two or six months, dependent on the course duration you have chosen.
  • There is a Progress Test at the end of each three units, for you and your teacher to get an indication of your improvements. The tests are designed to reinforce what you have learned as well as giving an indication of your progress.

Our Direct English Live program offers conversation classes to supplement your language learning, as well as lots of speaking practice with a native English teacher to help with pronunciation. The group lessons provide an interactive environment to practice English. They are designed to encourage natural conversation which really helps to develop a students fluency in the language.

Don’t worry if you miss a class, you can still catch up on the following week with no penalties! 

To read the full terms and conditions, please read here. We require credit card details at the time of purchase, to give you instant access from Day 1 to our courses. All our payments are encrypted so we don’t have access to card details. You can also pay via PayPal.


* Satisfied or Refunded 

We’re so confident that you’ll love our English courses that we have a 14-day cancellation policy, with a full refund of your course.

You have 14 days to try our English learning method.

We are sure you will enjoy our course, however if within the 14 days since the date of the purchase of this course, you are not satisfied with it, you can request to cancel your enrolment.
To exercise the right to cancel, you must inform us of your decision to cancel the Contract by a clear statement within 14 (fourteen) days from the order confirmation through our Cancellation form.

Frequently asked questions

Our placement test will help you identify how confident you are when speaking English. Based on the frequency you speak the language, we will address you to the right level.

Here you can find some helpful resources that can further assist you in identifying what you achieve at the end of each level. If you feel you can achieve all listed in the beginner course, you'll then are a perfect fit for the Intermediate.

Beginner 1 skills

Intermediate 1 skills

Thousands of students worldwide asked themselves this question before enrolling to a new course. At Direct English we are proud to have a 98% success rate from students, which means that 98 students out of 100 achieve their desired level with us, and 90% of our students find our method so effective and engaging that they re-enroll to achieve the next level!

We are so confident that you also will get the most of our online courses, that we give a 14-days cancellation policy. If you request a cancellation within 14 days of your purchase, we will refund you in full within 14 days!

Alongside our self-study interactive platform access, you'll have 90 mins live classes with a native teachear every week.

Where possible, we always try to keep the same teacher and small group along the six months-course.

When you select the amount you'd like to send as GIFT CARD, we will send the email (whether yours or the email of the recipient, depending on which email you add on the cart) with the discount code corresponding to the amount you paid.

This way the recipient of your gift will be discounted the amount you gifted them to enrol in one of our course. At the time of enrolment they can choose if they need a Beginner or Intermediate course.

It's a great feeling to receive such a lifelong gift, which will help them improve their career and enhance their future by learning English!

Yes, you can, with our blending learning offering you are able to catch up by self-studying on the platform.

We will not charge an additional penalty fee if you miss your class.

However, we find that students achieve the best results by attending all the live interactive classes.

If you decide to embark on a learning journey with us and start either the Beginner or Immediate courses, you will become CEFR certified in A1 or A2. These levels were developed by the Council of Europe to validate language learning ability by giving students a firm understanding of English grammar and vocabulary. The CEFR Framework was designed to convey the different levels of oral, written comprehension of the English language. Teachers can use this framework to determine what level their students are and if they require any extra help. Direct English Live’s levels are aligned with the CEFR’s framework.

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